Sue Ellis-Saller and the Business of Angels

Sue Ellis-Saller

Sue Ellis-Saller felt a calling to work with angels of all sorts and followed it. In 2012, she became a Certified Angel Card Reader™, (taught by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine who are international speakers, teachers, and creators of the Angel Tarot Oracle decks). This was a natural progression of her nearly 25 years as a tarot reader and student of the esoteric. More recently, she began to tutor newly Certified Angel Card Readers™ in business basics.

Guided to help “spiritual entrepreneurs, earth angels, and light workers build their online business presences from the ground up,” Sue is doing just that. With her gentle advice and smart business sense ‘AngelPreneurs’ are getting the help they need to learn how to use social media and marketing, plan, and build their websites and, more importantly, “to keep the faith through the beginning phase of building a business—when things take time to grow.”

Inspired by all the people she was meeting who wanted to help the world become a better place, Sue started her Facebook page, Angel Business Basics, dedicated as a place for “Angel Business owners and Light Workers to share their business tips and tricks—and to learn some new things as well! [Sue wanted to create a]… safe and comfortable space to make connections with and interact with others!”

Almost instantly, people were asking to join the group, and asking for support to guide them through the struggles of coming out of the angel closet while starting their own businesses. Sue is the adviser, taking them through the steps of growing a business; helping people “who were struggling with the details of putting together a professional looking image for themselves.”  Today, the group has over 200 members, actively sharing and encouraging each other.

How did Sue come out of her own spiritual closet? 

Empathic from the age of five, Sue picked up far too easily on the emotions around her. “I grew up in a family that was very open to psychic energy and experiences, so I didn’t have to deal with a huge ‘coming out,’ as many others do. In my family, we grew up with stories of my grandparents’ psychic connection with each other. My dad studied astrology and my mom was always fascinated with supernatural and spiritual topics.”
Once upon a time, Sue had a different business: helping people with their websites, and mentoring them on creating businesses. Okay, maybe not so different. But when Sue wanted to work with spiritual entrepreneurs, and identified herself as one, her business partner didn’t want any part of it so—ultimately—they agreed to go their separate ways. Sue went on to give birth to her new business, Clear Vision Readings and Reiki—which was devoted to tarot and oracle card readings and Reiki.

Sue ‘holding space’ at Zurich event

Once Sue started on her spiritual business path, she couldn’t stop. She volunteered at Doreen Virtue’s events in Salzburg (2013) and Zurich (2014). “I learned a lot during those courses… [and]… I have read most of her (Doreen Virtue’s) angel therapy books,” and watched her videos.

In addition to business mentoring, Sue also offers readings, Reiki, workshops, classes, and advice through her lush website, What else would you expect from a natural born healer and business woman?